Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is YOUR "marathon?"

The definition of "marathon"can be different for different people.
[mar-uh-thon]-- 1) a foot race over a course measuring 26 mi. 385 yards (42 km195 meters).  2) any long or arduous task, assignment, etc 2) any contest, event, or the like, of great, or greater than normal, length or duration or requiring exceptional endurance
The first definition is the obvious one. It is what most of us think of when we hear the word "marathon."  A marathon was what started it all for me. Training for my first marathon is what got me hooked on running.

However, marathon could be something else. It could be the marathon task of getting off the couch and getting in shape. To some, a 5K might seem as likely as a marathon. When you have never run a step in your life, running 3 miles might seem as impossible as 26.2. Just like 26.2 miles, it takes one step at a time. You go just a little bit further today than you did yesterday. Eventually, you'll get there.  

A marathon can be a "long or arduous task." Losing those last few pounds of baby weight can be a long and arduous task.  Women always have and always will struggle with this. Sometimes just getting back into shape can be a marathon.  

Tackling a marathon is not an easy task. It takes a plan. It takes hard work. It takes help from experienced and knowledgeable people. Running 26.2 miles? To increase your chance of success you need a training plan, training partners and a coach.  Running that first 5K?  You need the very same things.  Those last few pounds of baby weight?  Yep. The same things. 

My goal is to help women accomplish the marathons in their lives. From losing that stubborn baby weight to running that first 5K to crossing the finish line of a marathon, I have the tools to guide women through the hard work needed.  The marathon of cleaning your house?  I can't help you there. That, my friends, is my own marathon that I need to conquer.

What is your marathon? 

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